United Roots Urban Gardening Program

Class Times: Event-Based Training’s
Term: Quarterly Garden Work Days

Urban Gardening Projects

The DIG collective helped do the initial garden bed installation as part of the Green-Your-Block Day in 2010. The garden beds are in containers that are above cement that showcase how to grow vegetables in urban areas. We have planted herbs and produce in these garden beds.

Aquaponics System

Kijiji Grows did a youth workshop at the Center to teach young people how to build aquaponics systems. Aquaponics is a way of growing produce without using soil, and since a lot of soil in urban areas is toxic, then this system is ideal for people that need an alternative growing method. The aquaponics system houses fish in a small tank and uses their excrement as fertilizer to grow plants above the tank. This project is part of the United Roots green jobs training program, and youth that learned how to build an aquaponics system can offer this service to fellow residents in the Bay Area community. To find out more information about how this system works contact West Oakland based company Kijiji Grows.

Rainwater Catchment System

The DIG collective set up a rainwater catchment system to collect water drainage for the roof gutter system. The water collected can be used to water the garden plants, thus preserving valuable drinking water for humans.

Garden Workdays

City Slicker Farms, an organization in West Oakland, is now coordinating monthly garden work days to teach youth and staff how to grow, care for and harvest plants in the United Roots’ parking lot garden. At our last harvest People’s Grocery came to the center and did a food justice workshop with the youth.

For more information about City Slicker go to: http://www.cityslickerfarms.org/
For more information about People’s Grocery go to: www.peoplesgrocery.org

Video about the Garden Workday at United Roots:

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