Our team U.N.I.T.E (Unique Natives Interacting Together to Elevate) is constantly growing and developing. Our current community organizing team consists of the six members listed below:

Louis Keyamo Johnson, 25

Jazmine Wolterding-Williams, 25

Ke’Yauna Morris , 25

Brianna Harris, 23

Brian Blackwell, 22

Joseph Walmsley, 27


We are currently based in Vallejo, CA. Our members have a wide range of talents and skill sets. Within our organization we are comprised of community organizers, entrepreneurs, teachers, college graduates, artists, parents, political scientists, astrophysicists and many other interdisciplinary fields.

Our organization’s mission is to help unify the city of Vallejo through community-led events and workshops that highlight and showcase our creative skills and talents. We educate one another on city policies and current events in order to collaborate and brainstorm solutions.

We are each personally invested in the holistic growth and wellness of our community. We are passionate about helping to create a platform and opportunity for artists and entrepreneurs to exchange goods and services and to be self-sufficient. Self-sufficient meaning to need no outside help to be able to access one’s basic needs, e.g healthy meals, clean water, and a habitable shelter. 

The growth we would like to create in our community includes the three pillars of our organization: accountability, creativity, and unity.  We would like to help increase access to creative platforms and business networks to unify our community and hold members of our community accountable for our holistic education and wellness.

Reach out to us directly: unitevallejo@gmail.com

Social Media handles:

Instagram/Twitter: @unitevallejo

We Accept Donations and support the exchange  of services/goods through Bartering


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