Yoga & Meditation

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There is a weekly yoga & meditation class open to the public every Monday between 11am – 12pm led by Gino Pastori-Ng from the Niroga Institute. Yoga mats provided. To view class schedule, click here.


DetermiNation Black Men's Group

Our women’s group gathers with community and ritual to collectively explore, vocalize and embody what it means to be a woman today. This workshop is held in collaboration with Downtown TAY. Workshop is hosted on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month. Visit our Events page to view schedule.


DetermiNation, a program in partnership with Urban Peace Movement, supports young Black men to advance their personal and professional goals. Weekly sessions at United Roots offer participants cultural healing practices, media production training, paid employment opportunities and community organizing through the statewide Alliance for Boys and Men of Color and Sons & Brothers initiative.



Learn how to make a video from start to finish; including creating a treatment and storyboard, video camera technique, film editing and on-line movie distribution. Video Production interns work in direct collaboration with other media programs at United Roots. The interns also work on multimedia journalism projects and short documentary films as part of collaboration with professional media companies like Green Eyed Media.

Video Productions classes are on Mondays from 12-3pm with lab times on Fridays between 12-3pm.

Gameheads is a youth program at United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub whose goal is to prepare low income youth and youth of color (ages 15-24) for a career in the tech and video game industry. Participants of Gameheads learn how to create, code and design games, building skills across a variety of disciplines from visual art, creative writing, design, programming, sound design, animation, game theory and history. In partnership with Tek Perfect, Gameheads also offers Dev Opps training for things like IT Support.

Gameheads programs at United Roots happen on Saturdays, with lab times throughout the week. Gameheads also organizes monthly video game events and an annual Game Jam. For more information visit

Design 2Visual Arts offer a portal into the imagination of the artist, capturing both the realistic truths encountered in modern life, while also reflecting an affirmation of healing and community transformation.

United Roots houses an in-house graphic design company and teaches graphic design through small group instruction. Our computers are equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite software, and the design department creates promotional materials for projects, photo documentation of events, products like clothing, as well as fliers and online graphics for events.

At United Roots music is utilized as a form of community storytelling, and students are encouraged to use their music for personal and community transformation. United Roots offers a wide variety of music production programs, from beginning to advanced classes, artist development and music industry training. United Roots provides students with access to a computer lab, two media music labs and a full recording studio. Students can learn beat making, sound engineering and mixing & mastering through digital music production software such as Reason and Pro-Tools.

The music department conducts music studio orientations weekly as scheduled, provides access to music recording studios to members Monday through Friday from 12:00-8:00pm, and offers an annual music production training programs as scheduled.


To support the leadership of low-income youth of color in creating an equitable, life-affirming economy by providing socially innovative training, collaborative co-working space and access to networks and resources.

Social Entrepreneurship Programs

United Roots, in partnership with Impact Hub Oakland, launched the first Youth Impact Hub in the global network. Youth Impact Hub Oakland provides a collaborative workspace for young social innovators, offering programming and community networking while engaging businesses, agencies and organizations to support community led change. Youth Impact Hub Oakland is a multi-sector collaboration between non-profits, government and for-profits to support leadership, economic development and civic engagement for youth.

Lean Accelerator


Youth Impact Hub Intensive uses a project based approach combining design thinking, lean start-up and rapid prototyping to support young social innovators asses the viability of their social and commercial impact. The 12 hour training provides the tools and processes to positively impact the world around them through the development of a Social Enterprise.

Youth Hub Fellowship

The Youth Hub Fellowship is a year-long social enterprise incubation training program for low-income youth ages 18-25 to create enterprise projects that increase personal income and directly address problems in the communities. The Fellowship includes:

  • 4 months of intensive social enterprise training to develop a business model strategy
  • Professional adult mentorship and access to co-working space for up to 3-years, including office amenities
  • A pitch event, where youth present their social enterprise proposal with access to a minimum of $1000 in seed funding per team
  • 8 months of follow up coaching, training and networking events

Opportunity Network

The Opportunity Network is an ecosystem of resources for elevating youth-led innovation by connecting emerging youth leaders in low-income communities in Oakland to local economic and personal development opportunities. This year-round program provides ongoing support to Youth Hub Fellows and the Oakland’s Emerging 100 (a citywide initiative in partnership with Youth Business USA). There are three main components to the Opportunity Network:

Personal Development

  • Healing & wellness practices
  • Professional & Personal Coaching
  • Rites of Passage

Career Development

  • Paid Apprenticeships
  • Full-­Time Employment

Business Development

  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Eco-­system of support for Youth-­Led Businesses
  • Visibility & Marketing for Youth-­Made products

Co-Working Space

United Roots, in partnership with Impact Hub Oakland, started the first Youth Impact Hub in the world. Youth Impact Hub Oakland at United Roots supports the leadership of low-income youth of color in creating an equitable, life-affirming economy by providing socially innovative training, collaborative co-working space and access to networks and resources.

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