Planu Founder and CEO, Tria Villanueva, grew up as a lonely, curious, only child. This loneliness was cured when she realized how much she enjoyed being in a school environment and interacting with students. She soon got involved in business classes in partnership with NFTE and DECA, and tech programs aimed at girls in high school. This experience ignited a spark within her for education, business, and technology. Anything surrounding those topics got her to hustle like she never had before.

Ever since junior year of high school, she has been obsessed with addressing the problem of why students get stuck in community college. During her senior year of high school, she started taking community college classes and observed that most students stress about their classes 2 months into the semester and their whole life revolves around that class schedule. By the end of the semester, that stress would turn either into depression or anxiety, controlling their whole life. That’s no fun college experience, is it?

As a believer that mental and emotional problems start with an individual’s daily schedule, Planu is an advising Social Enterprise and EdTech platform, providing resources, curricula, and services for those who will need help managing their class schedule. Through my enterprise, students will own their life schedule, starting with their classes. Planu’s mission is to help every student create a work, school, personal life balanced schedule to achieve a healthier lifestyle with the vision that it will shift a student’s emotional and mental health.

Tria hopes to help students throughout the nation reach their educational goal without altering their sanity.

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