Our social enterprise is called Sole2Soul and it is dedicated to providing a platform to donate and exchange running shoes for communities facing socio-economic challenges.

The team consists of Russell Agustin (15), Rodolfo James lll Agustin (19), Ava Agustin (17) and Amihan Agustin (21). We were born, raised and currently live in Union City, California. Ava and Russell attend James Logan High School, RJ (Rodolfo) attends De Anza Community College and Amihan Agustin attends the University of California, Riverside.

In August 2017, Russell founded Sole2Soul as a California LLC and non-profit. Since then it has been a family project for all of us and together we’ve had the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a non-profit.

Through the Youth Oakland Impact Hub, we started to build Sole2Soul as a social Enterprise. This enterprise’s foundation will focus on two things:

1. The promotion of healthy living through the sport of running.

2. The education of sustainability through the reuse and the re-purpose of old materials thereby reducing the intake of resources from our planet.

Sole2Soul serves to empower the youth and their communities. We would like to build the realization that together communities can address issues such as childhood obesity as well as the lack of physical education in schools. Through a personalized donation experience, donors and recipients have the opportunity to rekindle a sense of community through the guidance and growth of the local youth. Additionally, they experience the benefits of reusing material.

In addition they gain the satisfaction that both parties benefited in knowing they helped one another as well as the planet. Sole2Soul demonstrates that community and planet go hand in hand – it is a win for everyone and planet Earth!

Sole2Soul represents a deep commitment to our team because we are passionate about helping our communities and helping Planet Earth. When Russell founded this nonprofit,  he wanted to bring the donor’s stories to the recipient. As athletes, our shoes hold stories and narratives of our hardships and experiences. Our triumphs and failures live in the very fabric of the shoe. In comparison, these tales are often ripped and pulled away when we donate to thrift shops and forgotten. Sole2Soul gives voice back to these shoes, granting the opportunity for mentorship from the donor AND the shoe.

Through Sole2Soul, communities facing socio-economic challenges could be given the required resources to take charge of their own health and of their environment. In this light, once disenfranchised communities would then thrive and inspire change. Most importantly, it brings us back to a time where the young and the old communicate – a very basic aspect of our society that is lost in the world of video games, cell phones, and social media.

Sole2Soul thrives through the power of communication and transparency. While we are not yet accepting donations, we would like to connect with other members of communities to learn of the problems they or their own communities face today. We seek to educate individuals on the importance of healthy living and sustainability! You may learn more about Sole2Soul through www.sole2soul.xyz . If you wish to contact us, please feel free to email us through s2sbayarea@gmail.com . Sole2Soul seeks enrich communities and be the change that our planet needs!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


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