Hi my name is Shavon Moore and I am a 20 year old entrepreneur from Oakland CA and Founder of Bright Future’s Music -” One Step towards a brighter future”. I am a full-time student at the California Jazz Conservatory, and I am a part of the Youth Hub Fellowship Program, as well as East Side Arts Alliance Cultural Center and the Black Organizing Project. The problem I want to solve is the lack of funding for music programs in the schools in my community.

Growing up in East Oakland has exposed me to drug abuse, sex trafficking and gun violence. If I didn’t have the music and mentorship to help guide me, my future would be as dim as that of many of my peers who have slowly become victims to the streets. Music saved my life and I want to give back and be the change I want to see in my community by providing low cost lessons, performance opportunities, field-trips, recording opportunities, and local artist volunteers to be positive role models. Our mission is to ensure better futures for youth by providing a safe environment and to keep dreams alive through creativity. If you are an artist interested in helping youth in Oakland develop their musical craft please email me: shavonsm@gmail.com or fill out this application: https://form.jotform.com/80658123484157

If you are interested in being a donor please donate on GoFundMe: https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/bright-futures-music or contact me directly.

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