I, Marie Nicole Combs, 24 year old native to Oakland am the founder of CD.  CD, also known as Combs Designs, provides optimization of any space and healing through interior staging and decorating for any space.

When I am not working on homework as a sophomore in college, I’m occupied working and saving for design school. I cherish the time spent volunteering as a teacher for the Youth & Family classroom of children ages 3-11 and revel in being a social media influencer at Heart and Soul Center of Light in Oakland.

With spaces not being optimized for their usage as well as the lack of local POC ownership and contracting in the Bay Area, CD focuses on designing each space especially for the most efficient usage, health benefits, and contracting with local POC for the specialized design of any space.

My mother likes to remind me of the day she came home to my sisters and I on 26th avenue in East Oakland, CA. I was three years old and when she opened the door I had blue paint all over my face, the couch, the floors, the walls, the stairs were all splattered in blue paint as I held my hands held high with a huge grin waiting for praise or a “good job baby!” She had been renovating our house at the time and three year old me got into the paint. This creative passion has never left my life as I’ve nurtured such skills over time. My passion for design is beyond the aesthetic and creative aspects. I have experienced and witnessed the benefits of Combs Designs’ impacting an attorneys efficiency in the day to day of his office, a young professional expressing mental comfort and ease, an elder being able to safely navigate through a home and experience less discomfort in her Alzheimer’s

With CD working around the Bay Area, there will be a direct benefit on the finances of local black subcontractors for moving, construction, paint, electric, visual art services. Inevitably, the Combs Designs’ in spaces such as community organizations, schools, homes, studios, and apartments will be optimized for their usage. For example, retention would increase in a community space that services youth from ages 11-24.

CD is currently accepting any references for POC painters, electricians, construction workers, movers, movers, and visual artists for paid contracts. CD is also looking for references of discount furniture resources and design centers in the Bay Area, CA. I, Marie Nicole Combs, founder of CD am looking for an interior designer local to the Bay Area to shadow or connect with (If they are a POC that’s a bonus).

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