Shalom shalom, my name is Kabreshiona Tiyteea La’Shae. The pronunciation of my first name is  Kuh- Bree-She-On-Uh; however, if you are not up to the challenge you can also call me Breeze. Born in Real Richmond, CA; I am 22 years old artistic servant of I AM, using my creative abilities to connect the dots and ignite a spirit of rebellion amongst a people whose identity has been stolen. In 2014, I graduated from the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts in Richmond. Shortly after, I joined forces with a divine family of artists known as Richmond Artist with Talent. RAW talent was created by Molly Raynor of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Donte Clark of Richmond, CA and it is the epitome of what it looks like to use art as a tool to heal from traumatic experiences. Being around these artists and allowing time to be Divine, I created ROOTS – The Movement.

ROOTS is an acronym for Rising Out Of The System and its purpose is to provide a collective of services that aims to emancipate the mentally enslaved and scattered people around the world. As a movement, ROOTS uses RAW emotion to communicate diverse and historic stories through different forms of art such as dance, and poetic song writing. As a result, we create safe and intentional healing spaces for artists to not only thrive but we also provide a blueprint for them to incorporate the art of storytelling into their movement. In addition to the artistic aspect of the social enterprise; ROOTS expands into different branches to focus on specific aspects of healing. The program that I choose to focus on is called “Move with the Breeze”.

The fitness program Move with the Breeze was created for myself in order to sustain my health under the conditions of the society we live in today. Based on what I experienced, I realized that in order for me to maintain my health as a young woman of chocolate descent I would need to take action and be bold enough to ask contentious questions about the society we live in today. As a result, I had to do extensive research to be able to engage in dialogue about a certain demographic of people. Through these discussions and sharing data we are able to discover reasons why these people have been mistreated and degraded consistently while being forced to live in poor conditions all around the globe.

Growing up, I was not conscious of the lack of natural resources in my community. It was not until I shifted my food intake to a plant based lifestyle that I realized I was living in a food swamp. I compare my community to a swamp instead of food desert due to the fact that there are resources and restaurants to indulge in however, there aren’t sufficient options to truly sustain a people to thrive in the conditions provided. Like animals living in a non supportive habitat we eat what is supplied and convenient in order to survive.

In reference to my health, I have always been active whether it be dance, or sports. As a result I have never had any problems with my weight. However my skin, the way that I ate, and the lack of sleep and self care practices was beginning to take a toll on my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being as I began to grow into a young adult. After doing a ton of research on the benefits of working out, I realized that I started my transformative journey backwards. I was focused primarily on my physical appearance rather than myself as a whole self.

As a result of this revelation, Move with the Breeze became my way of taking care of and prioritizing myself in the most unselfish of ways. I aim to create a platform for overall healing of the body, soul, and mind both holistically and through movement with a primary focus on “African Americans” in society today. My vision for Move With the Breeze is a variety of traveling self care workshops, both one on one and in a group class setting. In addition we aim to put on two large artistic showcases per year while curating group healing sessions so that both males and females can come together or congregate separately to vent, speak life, and uplift in a safe space. During these sessions we will be exploring new and exciting information about the “negro” in Amerikkka, while discussing ways to heal from the trauma of our past and how it is affecting us today.

If while reading this you feel moved to support the Movement in any kind of way please feel free to email me at Also, if you can follow us on Instagram @rootsthemovement to stay updated with future performances and @movewiththebreeze for workout inspiration and or to just see how I flow through my fitness journey my page is open to the public.

                          Thank you for your time and have a blessed journey!

Shalom, Breeze

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