Greetings. My name is Jean Black, I am a 24 year old Filmivist (Activist, Filmmaker) from Oakland, CA and founder of Black Camera Productions (BCP). I discovered my passion for film through a desire to express myself via storytelling and visuals. This passion eventually merged with my innate purpose to help others.

A problem that has impacted me profoundly is, what I experience as, a lack of community. As a teen, I had a strained relationship with my elders. Going to community centers that were accessible to me, occupying myself with classes and having the support of others helped me progress in life. It is the biggest reason I look to give back to my community, and create resources I did not have as youth.

Media was an instrumental factor in my development as well. I learned many things from watching TV and movies. I learned how to be good friend, how to say no to drugs, and how to speak up against injustice, (when I watched the right things). I also found many distressing images and representations of people that looked like me on television.

Media is a powerful tool that is not always produced in the most responsible way. Which can cause distractions from getting involved, building with one another and treating each other fairly.

The fusion between community and impactful film is where BCP lives. The process in which BCP looks to eliminate this issue is a process of projecting positive, solution-based images via film and video. Our films and social actions address mental health, housing insecurity and community involvement. We teach a unique BCP process of uplifting our communities through media to others. Hopefully teaching, encouraging and impacting those who will do the same to build a better future.

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