IMG_0840My name is Eboni Alexis Stallworth, I am 21 years old, and soon to be 22 on March 29th!

Currently I live in Sacramento, California, however I was born in Anchorage Alaska. I lived most of my life in the North Bay (Vallejo and Fairfield). I attend California State University Sacramento as a Humanities major. I formerly participated in U.N.I.Q.U.E. the event organization of the University Union of Sacramento State.

WeCozyBroke seeks to provide self care products, information and host events centered around self care in order to empower local youth and young adults.

Mission Statement: WeCozyBroke is a social enterprise that provides self care products, information and events for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults of color.

Vision Statement: WeCozyBroke strives to mobilize and empower LGBTQ+ youth and young adults of color to ensure that comfort is not at the expense of an honest existence.

Tagline/Motto: Comfort in Honesty.

As a young adult of color, a black woman who is within the Queer, and disabled communities, I often has trouble finding a community that acknowledged and respect the intersections I reside within. Coming from a religious background that is not quite progressive, I also had difficulty finding the support I needed in order to embrace and accept myself as I was. This created issues leading to as well as deepening a lack of financial and mental stability. I believe that a mobile and vocal community centering kids of color and acknowledging the power of intersecting identities will lead to more opportunities and positive futures for our emerging generations.

If WeCozyBroke’s vision were to flourish, we would see active multi generational support that would provide youth of color with the tools to be confident and assertive individuals. On the other hand, older individual stress levels and perspectives will lessen and expand due to the space for them to think less about the pains of handing over power and influence to the younger generations as well as the ability to learn from the younger generations with ease.

Various avenues can be used to support WeCozyBroke, one way is to begin liking and following the affiliated Facebook page and Instagram as well following its future pages on Tumblr, Twitter, as well as sharing with friends and family. Another few ways could be done through volunteering with the program (if I need a demonstration aide while teaching a craft class), donating to the causes that WeCozyBroke is affiliated with or simply WeCozyBroke, or simply buying our products!

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