Hello, my name is Neajah Brown (aka Donnie B). I am a 19 year old poet and published author.  My team is made up of my mentor Jazmin Mora and myself. I’m from Oakland, California and I attend Laney college so that I can get my Associates degree to transfer to a university. At the moment I work at Boys & Girls Club and attend Youth Uprising.

My enterprise will provide a safe open space for women of all ages and ethnicities to come together as a community.  My non-profit organization will supply women with resources pertaining to self care mentally and physically, along with providing help for those who are mothers, in school, need financial help or are looking for a space to connect and create a family.

What inspired me to create this enterprise is the impact that social media has on the minds of young women, myself, and the fact that I am raised and influenced by mostly women. Many of the women I speak to, whether family, friends, or acquaintances express their wishes around wanting to connect with other women that share similar interest around creating a stronger community of mainly women, building a positive self and mental image, and getting support with their daily lives. The issue of not having a stronger community of beautiful strong women of all ages especially in Oakland is very important to me because we carry so much on our backs while constantly being bombarded by negative views, whether it’s on our sexuality, harassment verbal and physical, our appearances, managing our families and trying to care for ourselves. There needs to be a place for women to feel free of any judgement.

With my enterprise, what I hope to create would be more mentoring and positive role models of both young women and older women. Inspiring more to use their voices, feel safe doing so, and to create less competition between women.

The best way to support my enterprise is to email me at neajah8@gmail.com and share any thoughts and resources you have to help build my wellness center for women!


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