Devon White and Ayvee Verzonilla are both the co-founders and creators of WE ARE WOC, a female collective dedicated to empowering women through music, and live performance art. Our company seeks to provide a sacred space for women to connect with like-minded artists, build community networks, foster creativity, and reclaim their voice in a male saturated industry.

We believe our brand is at the intersection of music, art, and culture; where the need for female perspective and influence plays an imperative role in shaping the music industry for future generations.  

Devon was born into a family of musicians and artists, identifies as an artist herself, and has always viewed music as having a vital role in the minds and hearts of society. “Music is what brings people together or drives people to take a stand for what they believe in.” Growing up just shy of LA, I’ve always been surrounded by opportunities within the music industry. However, as I’m sure many female artists of color can relate to, the majority of these opportunities come at an expense much too high. Whether it be having to dress provocatively to get more sales or conform to a specific musical genre to legitimize your brand, women have been taking “L’s” in the industry since its start in a way that has stifled and over-shadowed the creativity. This endorsement away from allowing artists to manifest authentic work has left the industry in a state of depletion constantly searching for the next “hot” thing but never investing in the artist’s developing their craft or skill.  We as consumers, are now experiencing what that divorce between artist and art looks like from the standpoint of the integrity in its byproduct.

WE ARE WOC seeks to bring awareness to this chasm and address it in mindful ways by providing a space where artists are given the tools and development skills to create works that they are proud of and reflective of their personal, authentic experiences.  

WE ARE WOC provides a platform for dynamic musicians to share their self-expression and weave a unifying thread through the local community. We reflect the people, stories and history of the Bay Area, and shed light on the meaningful voices of both women of color and allies.

WE ARE WOC sees a need for women of color role models in the local community. This representation can help shape music and art that captures the current cultural climate, as well as inspire the next generation of young women. Additionally, we have observed the waves of women of color leaving the area in search of more affordable creative havens. Our organization seeks to counter this by offering support and encouraging the growth of female artists and musicians here in the SF Bay Area.

We are currently seeking community support in the form of sponsorships as well as partnerships and collaborations. We are currently in the process of launching our website but can be reached via email at:

If you have the time, please take 5 minutes to complete our survey linked here. We truly value the information and guidance this will provide in shaping WE ARE WOC.

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