My name is De’Ana Brownfield. I was born and raised in Stockton, California. I relocated to Oakland in 2016 to attend Mills College to study an individualized major, Afrikan Decoloniality in Art & History. For the past four years, I have been building my personal art practice to embody the reclamation of Blackness and Afrikan Indigenous ways of being. Experiencing sexual trauma, art has been a way for me to connect with my body and cultivate a space to address that there are healthier ways of reconciling pain. Through the power of reimagining my narrative through art allows me to remember the beauty of my strength and let creativity be a source of manifestation.

Through my experience of art being so transformative in my healing journey I got inspired to create AIYE, meaning earth in Yoruba. Womxn’s experiences are aligned with the experiences of the Earth, being sacred and divine. AIYE centers on recognizing the spiritual agency of those of the Afrikan diaspora and is a collective for womxn to grow as creators, share stories of resilience, reclaim our culture, and history through visual art. White supremacy’s war on Black bodies as well as the community has been detrimental to the spiritual and physical well being of all. AIYE’s mission is to use art as a way of resistance and healing from the trauma of white supremacy, misogyny, and classism, that has disconnected us from our bodies, the earth, and cultural identity. The act of creating and manifestation acts as a form of communal ritual that can affirm the agency for the Black womxn and the community.

AIYE stands firm on the power of representation of womxn leadership and mentoring to youth to build intergenerational equity. As well as opening opportunities for womxn from the Afrikan diaspora to build on their art entrepreneurial experiences and cultivate relationships with one another to facilitate events and do larger community projects. If you are interested in AIYE and align with the mission, you can either support through participation, sponsorship, or donation please contact via email or Instagram.

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Instagram: @nigretaisun


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