IMG_5991BLK MGK consists of: Robert Williams III (26), Savaugn Holcomb (23), Destiny Iwuoma (23) Alana Banks (22), Myles Santifer (22), Kelechi Emeziem (22), AJ Moultrie (21), & Carlitos Willis (21).

We hail from the golden state of California where half of our members grew up in Los Angeles and the other half were raised in the Bay Area. We formed a collective in Berkeley, CA where most of us went to school (UC Berkeley & Berkeley Community College).

BLK MGK is a collective of artists formulating an ideology of a youth centered art community. Our collective envisions a world where artists can shine, thrive, and heal free of socio-economic barriers. We provide opportunities for individuals to de-stress and express utilizing an eclectic array of art forms to expand the network, the minds and reach of all artists.

As young Black artists we come from low-income backgrounds in Southern California and the Bay Area. Young People are often deprived safe spaces for entertainment expression. Nonetheless, our experiences at the University of California, Berkeley and Berkeley Community College equipped us with interdisciplinary frameworks in fields of African American Studies, American Studies and Fashion. We are eager to fill the void in our community’s need for arts education and entertainment. We seek to curate inclusive, safe, and intellectual spaces in Bay Area communities. And we are passionate about creating solutions because the arts community can be used as a tool to unify the youth of the Bay Area.

Through this enterprise we hope to change the social landscape for artists by organizing hubs that expands the creative network of Bay Area and SoCal artists. BLK MGK will also locate a physical space to change the culture of overpriced venues. In our space there will be events curated for young people where they can find a safe place to to shine, thrive, heal, and express themselves in their free time. Our social enterprise will also actively promote and support others who share a similar mission to change the individualistic nature of the entertainment industry.
People can support out enterprise by buying our music materials and merchandise. In addition, they can support and get involved via social media. Our latest installment, is sharing our “Sunday Studio Space” with people who support BLK MGK so that they can also make music and art with us.

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