My name is A1. I am a 21 year old mechanic, and I love working on cars and racing. I am from Daly City and I live in Oakland Ca. I go to College of Alameda so I can get my ASE certification, and I work at United Roots. My enterprise will help educate the customers about their car and how to maintain it. My business will also help save people money and not get played by other businesses. Growing up my grandfather had a towing company and my uncle always worked on his car and other people’s cars in the garage. A lot of the time my uncle would do donuts up and down the street and race and that is what got me into cars. When I started taking class for automotive in high school and learning about cars I started to understand how they worked and how businesses would charge so much for something so little and take a long time to do it. I would like for my community to start taking care of their vehicles properly, and I want them to become educated about their cars so they don’t keep getting played by other businesses. The best way to help out is to go to my instagram which is @300oakboyz_a1 and give it a follow. Go to the link in my bio and go on to my website, and put your information in at the bottom and share it to at least 10 people you know.

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