My name is Maleik Dion Carter, I’m 24 years old and my enterprise is called BAyAF (Building A
Youthful Alternative Future). I was born in the Midwest but have lived in California for almost a decade. I live and organize primarily in Oakland, but graduated from Berkeley High School and work at The UC Theatre in Berkeley. My sister Jada Imani and I started Tatu in 2015 and have hosted monthly showcases at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice since.

BAYAF will function as a support network for creators and organizers, aimed at increasing the accessibility, visibility, and quality of intentional art and events. BAYAF will become known and trusted for uplifting arts and events through cultivating constructive culture. Art, especially music, has had a profound impact on the person I’ve become and how I understand the world. For that reason I know it can be a force for constructing and affirming a positive or negative self-image. I want to see more art that encourages us to achieve our potential and love ourselves.

I want to see the amazingly talented community of artists in the Bay Area be able to live off the fruits of their artistic labor and share their creations with the world. If we’re successful, there will be many healers with a platform to offer an alternative to the messages of violence, materialism, misogyny, and self-harm that is so prevalent in this country’s mainstream youth culture.

I can be reached at Once we launch our website check out the calendar, support our events, and explore the network of partners. Until then go to a local show and find a new local artist whose work makes you feel empowered.


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