James Green is a young sneaker entrepreneur from East Oakland who started his business through Youth Impact Hub’s Social Entrepreneurial Program at United Roots with his innovative company “Fix My Kix“.

‘Fix My Kix” is set to premiere at this year’s 17th annual Oakland International Film Festival being held in September. This short documentary tells the story of James’ aspiration as a young entrepreneur and what he hopes to accomplish with his innovative company, all while hoping to inspire other young people of color from East Oakland like himself.

His company Fix My Kix provides a mobile marketplace app for the services of shoe restoration and shoe art to promote local artists and environmental sustainability. Fix My Kix understands that the services of shoe restoration are very valuable in the shoe industry and service providers need a space for them to sell their services. Fix My Kix also recognizes how harmful fast fashion is to the environment, where they are attempting to reduce the amount of shoes that end up in landfills by promoting shoe restoration and offering a space to practice these services.

To learn more about James Green and his company, visit his website at www.fixmykix.com.

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