DetermiNation Leadership Program

United Roots, in partnership with Urban Peace Movement, launched the DetermiNation youth program in May 2013. DetermiNation is a program designed to support the success and development of young African American males (ages 16-24) from the Oakland area (the DetermiNATION project was created and developed by Markese Bryant of Fight for Light). The DetermiNATION program is especially tailored to support young men who are struggling to advance in their own life goals (such as employment, career, educational, or other personal goals) and who have been formerly involved in or are currently in close proximity to the “street life”. As part of the program youth participants will develop their media production skills and produce projects like short films, music and graphic designs to share their personal stories and/or present a vision of what is possible for young men of color in our communities. The media production will be part of the Boys and Men of Color media engagement strategy (a statewide initiative led by The California Endowment).

DetermiNation was developed by Markese Bryant (CEO of Flight for Light), and the lead facilitator is Adimu Madyun (393 Films). The program entails a weekly support group for young Black males, with opportunities to do media production with youth groups throughout California. Participants will learn about Black culture and history, and develop new skills and tools for achieving life goals. The program will also offer basic instruction in media production, and participants will be required to produce media projects as part of the training. Participants will receive a stipend for participation in weekly trainings, and have the opportunity for additional paid opportunities doing media production.

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