Determination Black Men’s Group 2017-2018
The DetermiNation Black Men’s Group is recruiting young Black men ages 16-24 to join our next year-long cohort, launching Wednesday July 5th with an open house and BBQ for new members. DetermiNation is a brotherhood and healing circle for transitioning-aged African American young men who are formerly-incarcerated or who have been near or involved in the ‘street life.’ The group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm. Members are given a small stipend for attending each session.

MENTORSHIP & CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Receive mentorship and coaching to pursue individual life-goals (such as employment, career, or educational goals, wellness goals, housing goals, etc.). We have discussions, workshops, and special guest presentations on topics like mass incarceration, street intellectualism, African traditions and culture, healing, non-violent communication, personal finances and much more.

MEDIA PRODUCTION TRAINING: Learn about media production to further develop skills for creating short films (multimedia journalism), music, posters, online graphics, websites, etc. Receive training and support with producing and distributing media produced as part of this training, and receive small stipends for travel and food when participating in media production trainings/events outside of weekly sessions, as well as paid contracts for completing major media projects.

SOCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Participate in leadership training and get involved in local and statewide social justice campaigns. Meet bi-monthly with a group of youth leaders to plan and organize events, and receive stipends (travel & food per diem), as well as paid contracts for organizing events.

Paid Opportunities:
• stipends for travel & food for attending sessions
• stipends for travel & food when participating in working groups
• paid contracts for producing media and/or organizing social justice community events

If you or some one you know would like to join DetermiNation please fill out the online interest form and attend the open house BBQ, Wednesday July 5th at 6pm at United Roots (2781 Telegraph ave. Oakland, CA). If you have any questions please contact Dr. Prince White at You can also have Prince and some DetermiNation members speak to your organization or youth that you believe would be a good fit.

Application Link:

To find out more please visit the DetermiNation Website

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