Theater Program

The Urban Healing Tour cast and crew & Colored Ink, offers theater classes and projects at United Roots as scheduled. Youth Participating in the class will have the chance to talk about their lives: creating stories involving healing based on personal experiences while acting it out on stage.  All of the classes have a warm up component that include movement awareness exercises: articulation, breathe control, partner stretches, stamina building, vocal and visualization. Youth will learn script analysis; writing scripts, breaking down text and making it their own.

Colored Ink is a hip hop theatrical group, composed primarily of young adults of color from urban neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area. The group was founded by graduates of the Brava Theater Academy (the educational wing of the non-profit theater institution Brava! For Women in the Arts.) By combining theatrical skills with the hip hop culture, the crew began to create new forms of artistic expression in live performance! Colored Ink’s goal is to make outstanding, exciting, and innovative art from our own life experiences, celebrating our urban culture while challenging the inequalities we have witnessed and experienced. Some of our most important work takes place away from the typical theater stage. Colored Ink is deeply immersed in the Bay Area community, doing outreach performances, workshops, and other events in schools, shelters, jails, group homes, recreation centers, and right on the block.

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