UR Media Career Pathways program

UR Media Career Pathways program recruits aspiring designers, filmmakers and animators to join an intensive Digital Media program to learn how to become a professional freelance artists and [...]

DetemiNation Young Black Men’s Group Recruiting New Members

Determination Black Men’s Group 2017-2018 The DetermiNation Black Men’s Group is recruiting young Black men ages 16-24 to join our next year-long cohort, launching Wednesday July 5th [...]

Why I Ditched My Psychology Career and Started Tech

My name is Norman and I NEED passion. It was one of the toughest decisions of my life. I felt like a video game character when they get a game over screen and they have to choose continue, or new [...]

An Intergenerational Feast of Resistance

When we started planning for the Intergenerational Feast of Resistance, we knew there would be healing involved through the process, but no one anticipated the event would be so groundbreaking.

Meet the Fellows: Emanuel

Creating opportunities is exactly what I hope to do with this social enterprise called TipsiTaxi. I want to help sustain the lives of my soon to be consumers and my employees. I hope to inspire [...]

Meet the Fellows: Mathew

We create job opportunities for less privileged youth in our community by teaching them phone and computer repairs skills, in order to keep them off the street, avoid incarceration, and reduce [...]

Meet the Fellows: Catrina

Our mission is to help women feel beautiful, self confident and be economically independent through the distribution of premium quality custom lace units.

Meet the Fellows: Venus

Peace all. My name is Venus Morris and I am the founder of Melanated Art Cures Trauma. I was born and raised in Oakland, California for a majority of my Life. Growing up I always had a passion [...]

Meet the Fellows: Valerie

My name is Valerie Jameson, and I am currently a team of one. I am 24 years old and hail from Richmond, CA. I am the Education Justice Coordinator at the RYSE Youth Center, and my goal is to [...]

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