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Youth Impact Hub Oakland is a program at United Roots in partnership with Impact Hub Oakland and Youth SEED, the first “youth” Impact Hub in the world. Having launched in early 2015 with a Young Entrepreneurs Fellowship, the Youth Hub provides a collaborative workspace for young social innovators, offering programming and community networking while engaging businesses, agencies and organizations to support community led change. Youth participants receive professional mentorship from community volunteers, seed funding for their enterprises and are trained in job readiness through the creation of their own small business projects.

For more information go to: youthhuboakland.net

In partnership with local media companies like Green Eyed Media and The Hidden GEM, UR Media trains young people to offer affordable professional quality services, including (but not limited to) photography, film- making, tech services, music production and graphic design. This in-house youth-led media & tech company generates revenue for the United Roots organization while employing young people. For more information go to: urmedia.com

United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub Oakland program teamed up with Youth Business USA and the City of Oakland Mayor’s Office to launch the Oakland’s Emerging 100 (OE 100) initiative with the mission to prepare, launch and grow 100+ underrepresented young entrepreneurs in Oakland each year. This video highlights 15 of the young adult entrepreneurs that are participating in OE100, and was produced by a youth entrepreneur from Youth Impact Hub Oakland (Luis Montoya of Simphony Productions).

For more information about OE100 go to: http://emerging100.org

United Roots is a Green Youth Art & Media Center that houses the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy.

Short Films

This video investigates the killing of Alex Nieto by the San Francisco Police in March of 2014. The video includes Alex Nieto’s friends and family, including the lawyer Adante Pointer (of the Law Offices of John Burris) that is representing the Nieto family. The video was produced in collaboration with the Blackout For Human Rights Media Collective, Green Eyed Media and DetermiNation Media Group. Please spread this video to support #BrownLivesMatter.

Documentary about the trails and tribulations of a young Black father (Dashawn Clinton) in West Oakland as he is supported by committed staff members from a non-profit Black Men’s group called, DetermiNation. As he overcomes systematic oppression in the criminal justice system, gentrified housing market, and academic system, he uses Orisha lifestyle practices to inspire his personal transformation.

Demario started the film project in fall 2012 working with Youth Uprising and began to interview community leaders, like Oakland Mayor Jean Quann, about how the City of Oakland was addressing the issue of how children were getting murdered in Bay Area communities. Soon after beginning the film project Demario was with his cousin and when he was gunned down by unknown assailants and Demario’s cousin was killed as he put his body in front of Demario (during the shooting), while another man was killed during the same incident. Demario was shot multiple times, and after a couple months of physical rehabilitation he decided to continue making the film.

The Color Correction short film was produced by DetermiNation Media Group and Green Eyed Media in collaboration with United Roots.

The film goes with a curriculum for use by groups that are part of the Alliance for Boys & Men of Color in California and is available for use by agencies that work with youth media makers and companies that do art for social change. To get the curriculum please email: galen@unitedrootsoakland.org.

Music Videos

The Living Wealthy song is from the DetermiNation music collection (https://soundcloud.com/determinationmedia) and is also featured on WolfHawkJaguar’s newest album (http://wolfhawkjaguar.com). The song features artists from DetermiNation, including Steve Shankle, S.K.A.L.A, Markese Bryant, Stunts, Malik Hardcastle, Piper, Koran and King Kosh.

This video was created by DetermiNation, a Boys & Men of Color media production team at United Roots in partnership with Urban Peace Movement. The project was funded by The California Endowment. The music was filmed in Oakland by Luis Montoya (lead camera and video editor), assisted by King Kosh.

For more information go to: www.DetermiNationMedia.org

or email: ContactUs@DetermiNationMedia.org

This is the latest music video from the Green Guard collective, featuring Lali, Mira and Ida.

The Green Guard collective at United Roots was started by local artist and environmental educator, Mira Manickam through a grant from the Open Circle Foundation with some additional funding from other foundations and groups, The Green Guard aims to raise awareness about the presence of nature in the urban environment through hip hop arts and media. Green Guard youth artists explored natural spaces in Oakland through hands on workshops, and worked with Mira Manickam and other collective members to create media and art inspired and informed by their experiences in urban nature. This artwork was be shared with the Oakland community through performances that celebrate and examine the diverse ways people can relate to the local environment. The program takes place at United Roots, and includes off site trainings in Oakland natural spaces.

Music video for: A.S.H.E.S. the Chosen – “Tears in Your Eyes”

Part of the #NoMoreTears campaign, this story is about Denise is a young woman who is raising her child, Carlos, and is being beaten by her boyfriend Mike. She tried to hide it from the world, but mother Tammy warns her that she needs to leave him before it gets too serious.

Experimental Narrative Music Video created in collaboration between Green Eyed Media, United Roots, DetermiNation and SMG music.


This music video was produced at the United Roots’ Start 2 Finish Music Industry Camp in the Summer of 2011 under the direction of Music Director Clemente “DJ Twelvz” Pena at the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. The video was a collaboration between upcoming artists Yung Von, Dyna Mic, M.I.C., Captain C, Pretty Dreek and Fly 50 with Steve Knight from the Oakland based band Flipsyde. The beat was produced by upcoming producer RhythM.

United Roots youth artist RhythM produced the Real Oakland “Remix” Music Video at the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. The “Real Oakland” project is something started by United Roots staff members Jhamel “J-Milli-on” Robinson and Olondis “O-zone” Walker. RhythM remixed the song and made his own Real Oakland song. The music video was filmed and edited by United Roots music video producer Luis “L’nino” Montoya.

This music video was filmed and edited by United Roots music video producer Luis “L’nino” Montoya for United Roots music program participant Pretty Dreek at the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. The video was filmed on a green screen and animation was done by L’nino in After-Effects. For more information about United Roots go to: unitedrootsoakland.org

This is a music video created for the Turf Unity project, it was made in a United Roots summer multimedia class as part of the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. The video was screened at the East Oakland Turf Summit and National Day of Action to Silence the Violence. This video project was made possible in part by the Bill Graham Supporting Foundation.

East Oakland rapper O-Zone, a part-time staff member at United Roots, wrote this song on a hospital bed after being shot and nearly killed on his block in 2006. He says the song helped him recover from the shooting and emerge as a more positive and motivated individual. The music video was a collaboration with Muse Video, filmed on the United Roots video camera at the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy.

This music video was produced at United Roots as part of the music and video youth programs of the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. This video features the Oakland artist Necie Maria, and the song is single she released in 2011. The video was produced by youth video produced Luis “L’nino” Monotoya.

United Roots launched a music video program in Spring 2011 as part of the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. The class was taught by Casual (the legendary rapper from Heiroglyphics). The video features the United Roots music program artists Necie Marie & Raven.

United Roots launched a music video program in Spring 2011. The class was taught by Casual (the legendary rapper from Heiroglyphics), and this is the first video students made in the class. The video features the United Roots music program artist Legion (beat produced by Darcsage).

United Roots Co-founder O-Zone released this “mixtape track” music video. The video was filmed and edited with young adult film makers at United Roots. The song is a remix of “I’m God” by LilB, and this mixtape version features rappers O-zone and J-Milli-on. The song captures a street perspective on the current state of Oakland, California. The video was produced by O-zone Music Company.

This music video was produced by United Roots film maker Luis “L’nino” Montoya with the Oakland artist Krissy. For more information about United Roots go to: www.unitedrootsoakland.org

United Roots youth artist Lil G with film maker L’nino produced this music video at the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy.

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