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United Roots houses many programs and community projects creating an ecosystem of opportunities for our young people.


UR Media offers youth-led media production services to organizations, agencies, and businesses.


Youth Impact Hub supports low-income youth of color in creating an equitable, life-affirming economy.


Supporting the success and development of young Black men to advance their personal and professional goals.


Gameheads prepares low income youth and youth of color for a career in the tech and video game industry.

Our Work

The film explores the work of United Roots in the Oakland community through the stories of Co-founders Jhamel Robinson, Olondis Walker, and Galen Silvestri.

Our Mission

United Roots addresses these issues by empowering marginalized youth in socially innovative ways utilizing the following four strategies:

  • Civic Engagement: building coalitions between communities of color, decision makers, and employers to advocate for community change.
  • Career and Workforce Mentorship: cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship through fellowships, mentorship, employment opportunities and business incubation.
  • Personal Development: creating a safe, sustainable environment to heal and grow through community rituals, cultural healing practices, and wellness services.
  • Creative Arts Education: instilling confidence and developing talent through digital, technological and performing arts.

State of Our Community

Our community is plagued by an increasingly unequal distribution of resources, which correlates to higher rates of violence, drug use and incarceration, drastically lower rates of life expectancy, business ownership, wealth accumulation and educational attainment.

Parts of West Oakland have start unemployment rates as high as 44%. - EBASE
In Alameda County, homicide is 36% of leading cause of death for youth ages 1-24.
The Black population in Oakland decreased 25% from 2000-2010, this has only accelerated in the past 5 years.
Oakland has a 40% high school dropout rate. - Oakland Tribune


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