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Youth Impact Hub Oakland provides a collaborative workspace for young social innovators, offering programming and community networking while engaging businesses, agencies and organizations to support community led change. Youth Impact Hub Oakland is a multi-sector collaboration between non-profits, government and for-profits to support leadership, economic development and civic engagement for youth.

The Partners:

Impact HUB Oakland is a place for social entrepreneurs, change agents and innovators to connect, collaborate, imagine and create solutions for a better world.

United Roots has been serving the community as a media arts and youth healing space for five years. United Roots provides a youth technology center, an extensive community network and a long track record of developing socially innovative youth programs in the Bay Area.

Youth SEED, formally Ashoka’s Youth Venture San Francisco Bay Area, has been a local leader in youth social entrepreneurship over the past three years. They bring a strong, local entrepreneurship network and social innovation programing.

Background: United Roots has been chosen by Impact HUB Oakland to be the location of Youth Impact Hub (as a project of Impact HUB Oakland). Youth Impact Hub Oakland is the nation’s first youth social impact co-working space, and be managed by United Roots, Youth SEED and other strategic partners.

Past Successes:
• Served over 500 unduplicated youth
• Partnered with over 50 youth organizations and community agencies • Collaborated with over 10 public high schools
• Engaged over 60 professional adult mentors
• Supported over 100 youth in high school graduation and college enrollment • Employed over 25 youth through the Mayor’s Summer Job Program
• Offered paid opportunities to over 50 young people • Hired 4 youth as employees of our organization
• Launched 25 Youth-led social enterprise projects

Needs Statement: Our community is plagued by an increasingly unequal distribution of resources, which correlates to higher rates of violence, drug use and incarceration, as well as drastically lower rates of life expectancy, business ownership, wealth accumulation and educational attainment.
• Oakland has a 40% high school drop out rate. -Oakland Tribune • Parts of West Oakland have stark unemployment rates as high as 44%. -EBASE
• In Oakland and in Alameda County, homicide is the leading cause of death for youth ages 1 to 24 (36.1%)
There is no shortage of young people with innovative ideas to address these problems, but there are tremendous barriers that prevent them from getting the support needed to create solutions. Youth in Oakland have identified “inadequate educational resources, insufficient employment opportunities, limited health resources, and a lack of “things to do” as “root causes of the problems facing youth.”

Solutions Statement: The main objective of the Youth Impact Hub Oakland program at United Roots is for youth to become active participants in creating positive social change in their communities. Youth will be supported in increasing their civic engagement and actively creating equitable solutions to the problems they identify as most pressing. Purpose: Youth Impact Hub Oakland provides opportunities for young citizens to develop marketable skills while leading change in their communities. With an emphasis on low and moderate income youth, ages 16-24, who traditionally face barriers to entry in the workplace, the Youth Hub will provide:
• Safe, supportive, storefront co-working space with media & tech labs open Monday through Friday 12-8pm
• Programming & training (including leadership training, wellness services and social entrepreneurship mentorship)
• Community networking & collaboration for youth led social impact (ongoing events and projects)

Location: 2781 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, California 94612

Youth Impact Hub is a program of United Roots and is being housed at United Roots’ pre-existing “green” arts, technology and media center. Youth Impact Hub Oakland is co-managed by staff from United Roots and Youth SEED. United Roots is a 3,600 square foot media-training center for youth with a full computer lab, multiple media labs and a media production classroom.

Benefits of endorsing Youth Impact Hub Oakland include:
-Engagement in a cross sector network of leaders supporting Youth leadership and economic development.
-Connection with the international Impact Hub network of Social Impact Businesses -Participation in a socially innovative initiative that cultivates youth led change and economic development where it is most needed
-Promotion of your brand and increased media exposure: Logo on the Youth Impact Hub Oakland website, fliers, posters, plaques & signs

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