Our Staff

Galen Silvestri
Executive Director
Galen is Co-Founder and Co-Director of United Roots, the first "green" youth center in Oakland, California, and the location for the first "Youth" Impact Hub in the global network of over 50 Hub's (a project in partnership with Impact Hub Oakland). He is a long-time community organizer, youth educator and media producer, and has worked with organizations like Men's Story Project and the Y-Step collective for racial equity. He was also Co-Founder and Director of the Turf Unity Music Program and a Co-founder of the Art in Action organization. He has over sixteen years of experience developing campaigns, projects, and programs in partnership with local and national communities, including The California Endowment's Alliance for Boys & Men of Color. He is also a non-profit consultant and manages media production for projects like filmmaking, graphic design and music production.
Gino Pastori-Ng
Development Director
Gino was born and raised in Oakland, CA, and graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a B.A. in psychology. He spent several years teaching English abroad in South America and Asia, and has since worked for several non-profits to pursue his passion for social justice, environmental awareness and education. Gino is currently the Co-Director of Youth SEED (Social Entrepreneurship for Equitable Development), which provides entrepreneurship training to youth at United Roots as part of the Youth HUB Fellowship. He is the Youth HUB Co-Director at United Roots.
aManda Greene
Program Director
aManda was raised between the Bay Area and Brazil. Since 2003 she has been involved in various arts and environmental educational programs in Santa Fé NM, Oakland, Bahia Brazil and Southern India. She holds a B.A. in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities and also has a degree for Sustainable Enterprise (Green MBA from Dominican University). aManda is currently the Co-Director of Youth SEED (Social Entrepreneurship for Equitable Development), which provides entrepreneurship training to youth at United Roots as part of the Youth HUB Fellowship. She is the Youth HUB Co-Director at United Roots.
Tammy Chan
Operations Manager
Tammy has a multidisciplinary background, including over 8 years in Corporate Finance and Informational Technology. She holds a Bachelor in Science degree in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego. Experienced as a Solutions Architect, she implemented financial enterprise solutions for many different industries across the Bay Area. She has worked for Corporations, government agencies and nonprofits, such as UCSF to develop and deploy a budgeting system for up to 300 users; Raytheon to design a new suite of integrated applications to streamline four departments; Charles Schwab to design, implement, and train the new process. She has carried over her experience in Finance and Information Technology to co-found a nonprofit called Conversations for Good, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides opportunities for job professionals share information about their careers to students and job seekers about their careers and a place to find resources for skills development.
De’Mario Lewis
Program & Administrative Coordinator
De’Mario Lewis is from West Oakland, and has participated in programs at United Roots for many years. He is a youth leader from the DetermiNation program, and was selected as a Public Ally AmeriCorps member at United Roots. He is a media maker, and a talented graphic designer, filmmaker and musician. His role at United Roots is managing the Youth Impact Hub co-working space and United Roots media labs, among other things.
Rafael Flores
Media Program Manager
Rafael Flores is a bi-lingual filmmaker and musician of Mexican-Lithuanian ethnicity. He is a first-generation American citizen born to immigrant parents and has lived and studied abroad in Mexico, Spain and Canada. Mr. Flores was born in Seattle, where he completed his B.A. in comparative literature and cinema studies at the University of Washington. His honor’s thesis investigated the relationship between Chicano filmmakers and Third Cinema. His areas of specialization include directing, post-production, screenwriting, documentary film production, digital music production, Chicano Cinema and Third Cinema. In 2011, Flores was honored with San Francisco State University’s Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement and Contribution to the field of Cinema for his involvement with undeserved Latino and African American communities in the Bay Area. Mr. Flores is also the co-founder of Green Eyed Media, a media production company. Mr. Flores was formerly the Director of Arts & Expression at Youth UpRising, a non-profit community transformation center located in the heart of East Oakland. Now he works as an independent filmmaker, contractor and consultant at United Roots.
Shakeam Campbell
Graphic Design Department Coordinator
Shakeam has a MFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University. He is a graphic design instructor at Palo Alto Housing Corporation. Shakeam was formerly a media technician at Fayetteville State University and was a fundraiser for Dialogue Direct. In the past two years Shakeam has worked with DetermiNation at United Roots, and managed poster project that was turned into billboards in partnership with the City of Oakland. Shakeam regularly teaches classes at United Roots on graphic design and manages the contracted work for DetermiNation.
Adimu Madyun
DetermiNation Program Facilitator & Cultural Educator
Adimu Madyun is an educator, filmmaker and musician. Adimu has produced films and music in both the United States and various countries in Africa. Adimu has worked with the Oakland Unified School District for over 5 years as an educator and youth counselor. Adimu also facilitates a men of color achievement circle at United Roots, DetermiNation, and directly trains youth in media and music production.
Damon Packwood
Game Heads Program Director & Tech Department Coordinator
Damon Packwood is a Bay Area native with years of experience working with urban youth in academic development and college access. His passion for film and media was ignited as a teen and an early love for movies inspired him to pursue a Film Studies degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and he’s nearly complete with his graduate degree in Multimedia Studies from Cal State, East Bay. Damon is an avid gamer, writer, filmmaker, educator and tech head and movie connoisseur. He is also a passionate advocate of for the use of multimedia and technology as entertainment and a tool for education. His professional aspirations fall into three general categories: Organize. Educate and Create. Damon works for Hack the Hood, and he is the program Director of Game Heads, a youth video game design program housed at Youth Impact Hub Oakland.
Prince White
DetermiNation Program & Social Justice Committee Coordinator
Prince is a community organizer at Urban Peace Movement and a part-time employee of United Roots. He coordinates Determination Black Men’s Group, which provides media arts training, cultural education, and social justice activism training for young Black men ages 16-24. He works on policy to end the criminalization of youth and increase access to jobs, housing and education.