2016 Youth Hub Fellows finish year-long training program and join Oakland’s Emerging 100 initiative

The 2016 Youth Hub Fellowship just finished their year-long training program at United Roots, and are excited to join Oakland’s Emerging 100 initiative!

15391253_1976317829262164_143123223825662729_o(Youth Fellows and Staff from 2016 Youth Impact Hub Oakland training program)

United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub Oakland program teamed up with Youth Business USA and the City of Oakland Mayor’s Office to launch the Oakland’s Emerging 100 (OE 100) initiative with the mission to prepare, launch and grow 100+ underrepresented young entrepreneurs in Oakland each year. For more information about OE100 go to:

The following video highlights 15 of the young adult entrepreneurs that are participating in OE100, and was produced by a youth entrepreneur from Youth Impact Hub Oakland (Luis Montoya of Simphony Productions).

Oakland’s Emerging 100 – Meet the Entrepreneurs from United Roots/ Oakland PAYV Acad. on Vimeo.

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